How to Handle a Change in Medical Director 

SMART always uses the currently-configured medical director for all insurance billing. It’s important that all pending billing is completed before configuring the new medical director. 

To change Medical Directors

Click Gears >Settings > User > Select exiting medical director > uncheck Director > click Save  

To add new Medical Director select new medical director > Enter NPI > Select Licensure Level > Check MD > check Doctor > check Director > click save. 

This will configure the new medical director for all future billing. 

To back-bill or re-bill, the medical director who was in place at the time the services were rendered will need to be re-set.

1) Uncheck the “Director” box in the current medical director’s settings. 

2) Check the “Director” box for the previous medical director. 

3) Perform needed back-billing and re-billing. 

4) Uncheck “Director” for the previous medical director. 

5) Check “Director” for the current medical director.


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