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Release Facts 

The series of 4.1.9.X releases reflect SMART Management's commitment to continuous product improvement in terms of functionality and performance. 

Functional and Performance Improvement 

 The following reported issues have been addressed in this release: 

  • A number of performance improvements have been incorporated including: 
    • Reproduce Existing Claims function 
    • Produce New Claims function 
    • Generate EDI claim files 
    • Printing Claims 
  • Program Settings: the default choice is once again available from the service type screen. 
  • Billing: The "Clear List" and "Force Bill" features in Review Unauthorized Services Screen are now working correctly.
  • Modify Fee for Service Settings: Service start and end dates for comprehensive service has been corrected for the "Episode Overrides Service Dates" option. 
  • Patient Finder: An issue was resolved wherein options checked in one instance of the Patient Finder window were not respected in another. Also, if no patients are found, an error message indicates that it may be due to the programs currently selected or the exclusion of discharged patients. 
  • Intake Assessment Signatures: An issue has been resolved whereby Intake Assessment Signatures were being invalidated.  
  • UA Labels: An option has been added to the UA Print Labels window to allow a user to specify a program for pre-admission patients to ensure that the correct lab number is printed on UA labels.

  • Assessments:A memory issue was resolved whereby the application would consume more memory than it was allotted which would trigger an "out of memory" message.
  • Doorway/Tracker: When a screener is "Saved complete", the screener now correctly saves data rather than attempting to create a new screen.
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    When will this version be ready to deploy?