Specifying a Holiday or inclement weather closing day

1. For any user with admin privileges, click the Admin (Gears) icon, click the settings button, and under the General tab, there is a "Holiday" pop-up that lists all holidays currently configured in SMART.
2. Clicking Edit/Retire/Delete will edit information for the current holiday, clicking Add New will create a new holiday in the system.
3. Details about the particular closed day can be specified such as:
  • Whether dosing, collections, counseling, and urine screening are closed
  • The closure is due to inclement weather. If this is the case, this information is recorded in the patient's dosing history.
In version and later, the system can also be configured as to whether patients with various forms of take-homes should return to the clinic. (Documentation about this functionality can be found here.) Note the checkbox directly under the Holiday Date which allows the user to specify that the clinic is closed due to inclement weather.
4. Click save to record the changes and your clinic is ready to handle a scheduled or unexpected closed day.


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