Receiving Solid Form Medication


In previous versions of SMART, diskette medication was accepted into a single lot and remained a single lot. The various strengths of medication could be accepted into that single, on-going lot and a note would be added to indicate the new control number to differentiate between shipments.

Our users requested the ability to have a new control lot created each time a shipment was received. SMART responded accordingly by updating the software such that a user has the ability to add a new control lot number with each new shipment.

Once a new control lot has been created, the shipment would be posted. The balance from the previous lot would automatically be transferred into the new one. The “Receive Shipment” button on the new lot allows users to enter in quantity of each strength in a new shipment.

After all strengths have been entered, clicking the "Post Shipment" button makes the new lot ready for dispensing. The inventory balance reflect the correct inventory including what was carried over from the previous lot.

To accept a new shipment of medication:

1. In the main Inventory window, select the solid form medication to be received and click “Create New Control Lot.” 


2. Enter the lot number and update the the expiration date if necessary.

3. Click the “Save” button.


4. The “Transfer Previous balances into new lot” screen will display the medication transferred from the previous lot to the new lot and requires confirmation of the requisition ID.

5. Confirm the balances and click “Post This Shipment Now.” 


6. Once posted, select the new lot number in the inventory screen. Note that the balance now includes all medication from the previous lot.

7. With the new lot number highlighted, click "Receive Shipment". 


8. Confirm the requisition ID, enter the strengths being added, a comment about this shipment, and click "Post this shipment now".


9. Once the shipment is posted, the balance will now include the new strengths added.



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