Version Release Notes


Release Facts: 

This release of the 4.1.9.X series reflects SMART Management’s dedication to continual product improvement and responding to customer reported issues: 

  • ICD 10 

    We continue to improve the usability around the areas that support ICD 10.  The latest version includes enhancements based on customer input around the processing of ICD 10 and reducing the opportunity for billing errors. 

  • Performance 

    Along with the significant changes made within the 4.1.9.x family of releases, SMART continues to monitor and improve performance. 

  • NEW Setting Supporting Attendance After a Holiday

    A new mandatory attendance option has been added that allows any holiday to be configured such that only patients who would normally visit the clinic to pick up medication on the holiday would have their attendance schedules changed to visit the clinic the day after a holiday. 

  • NEW Report to Support New York PAS-48N

    A report is now available to be used to submit to OASAS. Each of the PAS-48N measures for which the SMART System maintains data is calculated and presented in an easy-to-read report. 



Release Details


Attendance after a holiday 

Previously, the only mandatory attendance option for the day after a holiday on which dispensing is closed was to: 

  • Let patients' medical orders dictate who must attend 


  • Require all patients on census to attend the clinic. 

A new holiday attendance option is now available that supports mandating a patient to return to the clinic based on their regularly scheduled pick up days.    

For example, if the setting is configured in this way, and Monday is a holiday: 

  • A patient scheduled for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday pick-ups would get Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s doses, but must visit the clinic on Tuesday and then resume their normal pickup schedule on Wednesday. 
  • A patient who normally only visits on Wednesdays and Saturdays would be unaffected and would remain on their normal pickup-schedule. (i.e. they would not be required to come into the clinic on the Tuesday following the holiday). 

To access these settings, click the Administration (Gears) button in the toolbar, click the Settings button, and in the SMART System Settings > General tab, and for the "Holiday" setting, click the “Edit/Retire/Delete” or “Add New” buttons.  

The updated Holiday Information Management screen will appear with the new options at the bottom of the window. 

Note: Either option can be checked, or they can both be left unchecked, but they cannot both be checked at the same time. 



PAS-48N Monthly PRU Service Report  

The PAS-48N Monthly PRU Service Reporting tool is designed to facilitate mandatory reporting to the New York State Department of Health, OASAS, for services provided by substance abuse treatment facilities. Each of the PAS-48N measures for which The SMART System maintains data is calculated and presented in an easy-to-read report that can be used to submit the monthly report to the State. The following measures are provided by SMART: 

  • V6 - V10: Treatment Visits 
  • V12: Admission Assessments Completed 
  • V13 a,b,c: Admission Assessment Visits 
  • V14 a,b,c: Counseling Sessions 
  • V15 - V24: Other Ambulatory Patient Group services 

For each individual measure, SMART provides an include/exclude setting to allow the customer to configure which of the Case History entries recorded for patients is included. For example, to configure V14 (counseling sessions), the settings screen would be used to include each group and individual service defined within their database. SMART manages the counts based on duration (e.g. individual sessions with 25-44 minute durations are considered brief and those over 45 minutes are normative, according to OASAS rules). 

To access the reporting tool, click the Reports (Printer) icon in the toolbar, select the Management report category, and click the "Monthly PRU Delivery Report" button. 


This will open the PAS-48N Monthly PRU Service window. Click the "Configure services" button. Note that this button is only available to users with System Administrator privileges.




The "Configure Services for PAS-49N Report" window will open. 

"Copy Default Services" - becomes enabled when the default program contains one or more services in the "Selected Services" column. Clicking the button copies all services being used in both the default and destination program across all categories. If the same services already exist and have been configured, they will not be changed. 

Copied services will be added to any that are currently configured. 

If the defaulted program has no services selected in the selected services section, then this button will be disabled for other programs. 

Note that the configuration and the results are based on the selections partners have made for each program and it is the responsibility of the partner to decide which services should be calculated.   



Application Improvements and Maintenance 


The following reported issues have been addressed in this release: 

  • The Carrier Tx Phase Modifier addresses were incorrectly being displayed blank

To locate the Carrier TX Phase modifier:

  • Click the Billing ($) function button 
  • Click "Third Party Billing" button 
  • In the Third-Party Billing window, click the Edit Carrier Detail button 
  • In the Carrier Information Management  window under the General tab, click the Modify Fee for Service Details button 
  • In the Insurance Carrier window, double-click a selected service 
  • This will open the Carrier Services - Edit "Medication Administration" screen and the Tx Phase Modifiers tab will be visible.


(Note that this tab is only visible when one or more mailing addresses have been entered in the system for the carrier.)


  • The system will now prevent users from entering an ICD-9 diagnosis in the Problem tab if 'diagnosed by date' is on or after October 1, 2015 and/or status is anything but inactive.

    (The problems tab is available: 
    • Intake module > Find Patient > enter patient's last name or id > select patient > ADMIT button on the Patient Information Management screen > Admit patient screen > Problems Tab. 
    • For medical visits > TX module > Find patient > Case history screen > select a medical visit service or add new medical service > problems tab.)

  • An issue was resolved wherein if dispensary doses are being prepared in advance, and the patient does not have take-home privileges, labels and doses were not being prepared properly

  • System now allows user to record suboxone doses when using the Edit/Correct Dose History Function. Allows user to enter details in the Edit/Correct Dose History and calculates/populates the amounts specified and allows the information to be saved.
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