Pre-printing Take-home labels

1. Click on the "safe" icon in the toolbar.

2. Click “Prepare takehome labels”.

3. Enter beginning date in "from date" box

4. Enter ending date in "thru date" box

5. Click "Build requirements list"


A report showing all doses to be poured in that date range will automatically print.


After dates generate on the left side of the screen select date to print and click

"Print all for selected date". All labels for that date will print.



Once you build the requirements list, those doses will remain in the queue to be poured until the doses are poured or until a new list is generated.

For example, if you build a list that covers 3 days and you need to re-print day 2 due to order changes, you must re-print all 3 days. If you only re-print day 2, only day 2 will be in the queue to be poured. Any new requirements lists that are built will purge the previous lists.

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