Version Release Notes

SMART Release notes:



  • An issue with processing 835 files for carrier NJ Medicaid has been corrected.

  • Auto billing performance has been improved.

  • An issue with the Tracker Screener (Doorway icon) caused it to not correlate case history correctly. This has been fixed.

  • The system now properly prevents saving of inaccurate information which  was being displayed in the Diagnosis field on the Case History window.

  • Auto Credit feature now operates as expected.

  • The “Double Billing” report has been fixed.

  • An issue which would display inaccurate inventory and patient dose history information has been corrected.

  • A problem whereby a user was unable to type the patient ID or name field in the Find Patient window for dosing has been fixed.

  • A dosing issue was fixed when dosing methadone in diskette form and “minimum pills” was selected.

  • An issue whereby a bottle went missing from the dosing screen has been resolved.

  • An issue processing 835 payment files for paper claims has been fixed.

  • Users can now process and post 835 payment files successfully. Please note that the Preview File Summary screen has been modified and now shows the clinic’s total payment. Users can refer to the Electronic Remittance Application Detail Report via Print Detail button to view the distribution per carrier.

  • (DHRI) Red lines were displaying preventing invoices for Medicaid opt-in. This has been fixed.

  • For medical visits, some patient’s “Problems Tab” was not displaying correctly. This has been corrected.

  • Treatment plans are once again displaying all pages on screen and when printed.

  • Lot# and Bottle# are not displaying when the user tries to add dose history preventing dose history additions. This has been fixed.
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