SMART Release notes:


  • Several locations were reporting an issue when attempting to print claims. This has been fixed.

  • “Prepare Billing” performance has been significantly improved.

    Note: This requires configuration of a new setting in Clinic Information Management > Controls 3, labeled:
“Prior to the thru date, how many months should be included in the Third-Party Billing process?” The software defaults to 12 months and can be configured to include up to 36 months.

  • The Problems tab now correctly determines the diagnosis code to be associated with dispensary and take-home doses.

  • Sporadic instances where user is unable to generate an EDI after populating a “Delay Reason Code” dialog box has been fixed.

  • When saving coverage for NY Medicaid, the system no longer generates an error upon trying to save Referring Provider info.

    Performance during Post Claims, Produce Claims, and Generate Claims has been improved.

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