How to import a digital certificate

(Note: For a printable version of these instructions, see the PDF at the bottom of this page.)


IMPORTANT: Before you begin, it is very important that you are logged in under your own login when importing your digital certificate. Importing into another user’s profile will void both certificates and will require that two new certificates be created.


If the software will not allow you to import your new certificate prior to the old certificate’s date of expiration, someone with Administrative access to the SMART system must Revoke the previous certificate from the User Information Management Screen within the Settings.


1. Click the Administrative Functions (gears) button in the toolbar.

2. Click the “Import Digital Certificate” button at the bottom of the window.


3. Read each of the next four messages carefully and click “I agree” or “I understand” to proceed.



3. Open the Certs folder (C:/smart2k/certs) and select the file with your name.


At the password box, please choose and enter a password that does not include common words.


Click “OK” and the system will display a message indicating that your Digital Certificate has been loaded successfully.


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