Manual Dosing with an IVEK Pump via "Hyperterminal"

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 Manual Dosing with an IVEK Pump

Note that these instructions should only be used if the SMART Software is unavailable and you need to dose manually with an IVEK pump.

The first step is to determine which port the pump is connected to:

Double-click on “My Computer.”

Double-click on the “C:” drive.

Within the C: drive, locate a file called “Smart2k.cfg” and double-click the file to edit it in Notepad.

Look for a line in the file that says “PUMP_PORT=COM#” (as shown below) and make a note of the port number being used.


Now that the communication port has been determined, we can communicate directly with the pump.


Previous versions of Windows had a utility called "Hyperterminal" which has historically been used for the following process. Starting with Windows Vista, Hyperterminal is no longer supported. The replacement tool is called "Putty".

Double-click the icon for the “Putty.exe” application which should be on your Desktop.

If the icon is missing, contact your IT team to have Putty added to your system. Putty can be downloaded directly from the SMART Help Desk by clicking here.

If that link fails to work, you can also try this one to download a "Zipped" version.

When Putty opens, the following settings will need to be adjusted:

  • Change the “Serial Line” to match the COM# you found in the step above.
    (This is usually COM1 or COM2 but may be different on your system.)
  • Make sure “Speed” is set to 9600.
  • For “Connection Type”, choose “Serial”.
  • Click the “Open” button to initiate a connection.   

Once the connection window opens, press the Enter key once to begin communicating with the pump.

When the screen displays “Command ?”, it means you can begin entering commands to be sent to the pump.

If the screen doesn't look like this or is completely blank, make sure you have the correct settings mentioned earlier.

You can also try simply turning the pump off and on again. This should generate the “Command ?” prompt if one didn’t appear in the step above.




Commands for the Pump

Note that all commands must be in CAPITAL letters.


To Prime the Pump:

Type “P” and press the Enter key.


To Dose:

Type “V###” and press the Enter key.

Where ### is the correct 3-digit dose amount in milligrams.

(V001 = 1 mg, V010 = 10 mg, v100= 100 mg, etc.)

Note that all three digits are required.


To Empty the Pump:

Type “E” and press the Enter key.



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