How to Process an ERA


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Process ERA Tab (Electronic Remittance Advice, 835)


In the Process ERA tab within the Third-Party Billing screen, clicking the Preview Summary” button will open the EDI folder.

Double-click the EDI file to be processed.

(Tip: You can create a folder called 835 to make it easier to locate.)


You will now see the clinic ID’s total paid for each clinic, take-backs, sub check totals, and net totals in the Preview File Summary shown below.



Now you can click “Process File”, then double-click on the EDI file, and you will receive a “Done Processing ERA File” pop-up screen. Click “Yes”.

Continue processing the ERA by clicking on each of the buttons on the right side in order from top to bottom.

Note:Paper Claims Detail” and “View/Process Take-back” will only produce a report if there are any paper claims or take-backs.

Click on “View/Post” to view the “Post ERA” screen shown below.

Make sure that the Total Balance and Total Paid fields match, then click “Apply All” and retrieve the Journal # from the pop-up screen.



Carrier Payment History

Carrier Payment Recap Report

Carrier Payment

Recap Report Summary


Note: Reports produced while processing the ERA cannot be reproduced once the ERA is posted. It is recommended that those reports be saved and/or printed for future reference.


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