How to Install TOPAZ BSB Signature Pad

Installation Instructions for the TOPAZ BSB Signature Pad

  • Each device is shipped with a software guide containing the URL from which to download the drivers. Download the drivers from
  • Once the driver has been downloaded, double-click the installer to install the driver. The signature pad should not be connected to the system at this time.

  • After the installation of the driver is complete, plug the signature pad into the system. The system should now recognize the pad as a device.

  • Open the Device Manager and expand "Ports (COM & LPT)". The pad should be listed as a USB serial port as shown below.

The pad needs to be specified as either COM1 or COM2 to work with Smart2K.

If it is not assigned to either of those ports:

  • Right-click on the USB Serial Port device and choose "Properties". This will open a new window.

  • Click on the Port Settings tab at the top, then click the Advanced button. This will open a new window.

  • At the top, you'll see a dropdown box. Assign the pad to either COM1 or COM2. Click the OK button on the right to save changes.

(Note that each system is different. Some systems automatically install the signature pad without the need for drivers from Topaz.)

If you encounter any issues while following these instructions or have trouble after the installation, please contact Smart Support at 1-800-942-4540.



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