Treatment plan signatures

Although there are Program Settings that would be expected to determine if a doctor is required to sign a treatment plan, there are some instances where these settings are being overridden in the software.

The following signature requirements are hard-coded and would be used to determine if the doctor signature is required where the customer has not indicated at the program level that they require a doctor signature on a 1T or a TP:

  • All DH sites in PA and APT require a Dr signature on all 1T and TP plans
  • All other DH sites, APT, and Habit require a Dr signature on the Initial treatment plan (1T)

For the recurring plans (service type = 'TP'), if there is also an AY service within 45 days of the due date of the TP that has no Time Out then the Dr. signature is required.

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    Judy Talton

    What????????? How do we remove the override if this is the problem?