Installing Digital Certificates

How To Import Your Digital Certificate Into Smart2K

  1. First Log into Smart server (Windows) and access email.
  2.  Upon receiving the email, the user should save the attached certificate file to their desktop. (Right click then save target as then navigate to desktop).
  3. The user must then sign into Smart2K.
  4. Go to the Administration Screen (Gears icon)
  5. Click Import Digital Certificate (Lower right corner)
  6. Work through the "click-thru" agreement then locate the file on the desktop.
  7. When requested to enter a password, the user should choose a PASS PHRASE that they can remember easily but that would be exceedingly difficult for someone to guess. Encourage the user to assign such a pass phrase. It is our responsibility to discourage customers from assigning simple passwords. A certificate is the equivalent of a pen that can perfectly forge your signature. That’s NOT something you would want someone else to have.
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