Entering doses into the computer manually


Entering doses into the computer manually


Below are instructions for entering doses into the computer manually.  If this issue occurs because of a power failure or for some other reason please follow the instructions below.



  1. Put a bottle of WATER in the pump.
  2. "Prime" the pump, specifying the bottle that was physically used to medicate the patients manually (they had to use a manual pump of some sort, attached to that physical bottle).
  3. Run each of the patients they medicated through the dosing screen, postponing any UA requests or alerts that come up.
  4. If they changed bottles while they were manually medicating, then they should "Empty" the pump and "Prime" it with the other bottle(s) as appropriate, but stay with not actually load medication in the pump.
  5. After everyone is entered, close the day as normal.



Please note

All the medicating entries will have strange (very late) times on them.



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