Version 4.3.3

  • Liquid Medication Reimbursement
  • When using "D" key to dose, only one dose will dispense until the "D" key is released and depressed again 
  • The warning for Loss of Connection to Pump error has been updated to include steps to troubleshoot and contact information for SMART Support 
  • Dispensing Log report is now running correctly 
  • While reconciling multiple bottles, and adding a spilled amount to one of the bottles, the software now clears the amount and is retained in the next bottle    
  • Medication Inventory Detail Report is now printing correctly
  • The Operation Compete message is working properly when clearing, emptying and flushing the pump  
  • The NDC on UB04 form for medication reimbursement services now prints out on the form 
  • The Print Full Billing Edit List report is now printing correctly 
  • Receipt Journal Summary and Receipt Journal now match  
  • Rate Sheet is now providing data for Medication administration and medication Reimbursement Services 
  • The Modifier 59 code is now being respected in the billing process, allowing for more than one of the same type of service to be billed out per day 
  • Printed treatment plans now display correct dosage
  • Assessments are now saving correctly 
  • Users can now approve treatment plan without Director privileges 



  • MOTS Fact Sheet Update is calculating the age of patients marked as Veterans correctly  


  • Medical Visits are now billing correctly 
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